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The Full Story


I am passionate about making a difference in people’s life by bringing in a fresh perspective that drives one to connecting deeply with their inner thoughts and patterns. My journey in this domain began when I got the courage to leave my first job and instead of pursuing masters at MICA, worked towards realising my dreams and connecting with my purpose of my life. I started my journey by taking small steps and educating myself further in this domain of enabling individuals connect with their identity. A base for me was already established from self-learning and graduation.

I have an experience of over 15 years out of which my experience in the field of Capability Development spans over 10 years. I have conducted more than 600 hours of coaching. I have consulted clients, developed bespoke solutions for them by identifying their needs to bridge the gap between actual and desired state. I have a keen eye for detail and sense of what emerges in the vuca world for our clients as well for us and believe invigorating in the vuca world is the best way forward.


To make this world a happy, empathetic and free spirited place to live in.


To make people discover themselves and their potential beyond leaps and bounds.

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